Holy Spirit ACTS

Retreat Calendar

Holy Spirit hosts up to 9 ACTS retreats per year, including ACTS I and Chapter Two Retreats for men and women in English and Spanish, as well as Teen ACTS (co-ed). For a calendar of retreats in other parishes, please contact ACTS Missions.

Registration forms for some retreats are available below, if not please contact the director assigned to the retreat or visit Holy Spirit Church, where registration forms are available in the lobby.  All forms must be mailed or delivered to the parish office prior to the retreat. 

Retreat fee is $180.00, but limited scholarships are available for ACTS retreatants under special circumstances.  Contact the retreat director for details.


Mar 2019, 14-17
Men's ACTS - Spanish
Retreat at Cordi-Marian
Director Ivan Melchor, Co-director Mario Lee

Jul 2019, 4 - 7
Women's ACTS - Spanish
Retreat at Cordi Marian
Director TBD, Co-director TBD

Jul 2019, 11 - 14
Teens ACTS 
Retreat at Sanctus Ranch
Director TBD, Co-director TBD

 More information will be posted soon.  If you are interested in more information, stay tuned or please visit the Contact Us page.