Holy Spirit ACTS

 Another Chance to Serve and Pray 

The 'S' in ACTS is for 'Service'.  Prayer is a service we perform in our hearts.  Here are a few upcoming opportunities for to bring God's love to our community.  For additional catholic organizations providing service opportunities, visit our Links page.  For a list of volunteer ministries and opportunities to serve at Holy Spirit Parish, visit the Christian Service webpage or read the Sunday Bulletin.

Prayer Wall

Please consider these ACTS bothers and sisters in your prayers today.  To add a prayer intention, send a message in Contact Us

  • 02/01/16 - Please pray for my son Cameron MacDiarmid who will be deployed on February 7th that God will watch over him and his team and that he will return home safely to his wife Megan and 3 month old son Wyatt.  
  • (Continuous) Please pray for all ACTS retreat directors, teams, and their future retreatants
  • (Continuous) Please pray for vocations into the priesthood and consecrated life

 More Opportunities to stay connected/engaged in your Faith and in ACTS:

  • We continue to participate in Pope Francis' "Holy Year of Mercy" which runs from December 8, 2015 through November 20, 2016. See the weekly parish bulletin for any number of community and service opportunities to participate in this specially designated year. 

  • Service Project Dates: (Contact Pat Maguire with questions or offers to help, 210-852-6134):

    • August 12 - Sort/Deliver Christmas in July contributions

    • August 20 - Attend Sole Hope "Shoe Cutting Party."

    • August 30 - Be a "Pot Luck Partner" at the Children's Bereavement Center

  • 2nd Tuesday of every Month: Service Supper at St. Vinny's Bistro at Haven for Hope. Contact Anne Wright at 210-275-0859

  • Any weekday morning: Volunteer with Holy Spirit St. Vincent de Paul group. Contcat Elsa Rodrigueaz at 210-344-0611. 

Letty Spain, Director
(210) 341-1395, Ext 8360

Altar Servers                                Christina Martinez          (210) 884-9313
CLOW                                          Aida Ramirez                (210) 836-8060
Ushers                                        Tom Ozgo                     (210) 490-6012
Greeters                                      Hortencia Sanchez         (210) 492-4800
Lectors                                        Letty Spain                    (210) 341-1395
Little Church                                Aida Ramirez                 (210) 836-8060
Media Ministry                              Letty Spain                    (210) 341-1395
Ministers of Communion                Letty Spain                    (210) 341-1395 
Ministry of the Sick & Shut-Ins       Carol Taylor                  (210) 342-2462 
Perpetual Adoration                      Paul Velasquez              (210) 349-0373
Prayer Line                                  Letty Spain                    (210) 341-1395
Respect for Life                            Kay Delaney                 (210) 342-5334 
Quincenanera/Sweet 16 Mass        Letty Spain                   (210) 341-1395 
Social Media                                Dan Chavarria               (210) 341-1395
Vocations Promotion                     Dcn. Warren Wilkins      (210) 219-9818

Holy Spirit Choir 

ACTS also stand for Another Chance to Sing!  The Holy Spirit Choir is one of the most joyful ministries available, and they are in need of volunteers.  If interested, please contact on of the following music minsters:

5:30 Mass (Sat): Heather Kelley (210) 365-7584
9:30 Mass: Pat Maguire (210) 341-3845
11:30 Mass: Heather Kelley (210) 365-7584
1:30 Mass: (Spanish) Letty Spain (210) 341-1395
5:30 Mass (Sun) Anthony Wittig (210) 380-0696

Prayer Line Requests



ACTS Retreats                  Amelia Speer           340-2103
Altar Society                    Rose Martinez          494-8146
Athletic Association          Joe Byrd                  287-2525
Celebrations Committee   Amelia Speer           340-2103
Guadalupanos                  Lorena Gutierrez      445-8164
Knights of Columbus         Andy Gillen              875-5489
Girl Scouts                       April Watts               445-3153
Boy Scouts                        Brian Crowell           349-8924
Cub Scouts                       Michael Juarez          290-7495
Senior Days & Ways           Barbara Hintze          490-8529

Prayer Groups
Meet in Eucharistic Chapel (210) 341-1395, Ext 8360

               Monday         7:30pm              Rosary Group
               Mon - Sat      3:00pm              Divine Mercy
               Tue - Sat       (After Mass)       Rosary Group
               Tuesday         8:00am             Perpetual Help Devotion
               Wednesday    11:00am            Grupo de Rosario
               Friday           8:00pm              Hora Santa Eucaristica
               Saturday        7:30am             Morning Lauds
               Sunday          7:30am              Vocations Prayer Group

Faith Formation Office
Marta Garcia, Director
(210) 341-1397, Ext 8317 / (210) 341-2287, Fax

      Life Teen        Chris Frelack           chris@holyspiritsa.org
      Edge              Dan Chavarria          danchavarria@holyspiritsa.org
      Elementary    Sr. Arlene Vasquez    srarlene@holyspiritsa.org
      RCIA/C          Collen Tschoepe       colleen@holyspiritsa.org
      Secretary       Sylvia Lopez             sylvia.lopez@holyspiritsa.org
     OVASE           Raquel Escobar         raquelset@holyspiritsa.org

Marriage & Family Life
Dr. Rose Cruz, Coordinator
(210) 341-1395, Ext 8382

                   Bereavement Ministry Pat Kempf 344-5704
                   Grief Support Group Dr. Ann Hillestad 492-3877
                   Lovestrong Tom & Didi Kolkebeck 834-4430
                   Los Amigos (Over 50) Mary Weinstrom 342-5622
                   Retrouvaille Mike & Synthia Avila 341-3113

Boards & Councils

     Pastoral Council                 Suzi Guillen                    490-5659
     Finance Coucil                   Ed O'leary                       525-1388
     Faith Formation Board       Martha Celia Gonzalez     842-1119
     School Council                   Vince Fertitta                 602-6940


Evangelization & Outreach
Dorothy Runge, Director
(210) 341-1395, ext 8345

        Faith In Action Committee      Pat Maguire         341-3845
       St. Vincent de Paul                 Parish Office        341-0611

Adult Study Group
(210) 341-1397, Ext 8317

                                             Monday               6:30pm         Bible Time Line                   Room 206
                                                                       6:30pm          Matthew                             Family Room 2
                                              Thursday            6:30pm          CSSI Bible Study                  Conference Room
                                                                       7:00pm          Sunday by Sunday                Media Center
                                               Friday               6:15am          Men's Study                         Bill Miller's
                                                                       9:30am          CSSI Bible Study                  Conference Room
                                                                       7:00pm          ACTS Men's Study                Family Room 2
                                               Sunday               9:45am          English Adult Formation      Family Room 1
                                                                       11:45am         Spanish Adult Formation      Family Room 1