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Welcome New Core Members

(01/01/17) Welcome to new Core Members Omar Ordonez, Margaret Juarez, Paul Arnold, John Ellis!

(01/01/17) Welcome to new Core Members Lori Curran, Suzi Gillen, Cassandra Solis, and Ramon Villarreal!

(01/01/16) Welcome to new Core Members Rosie Sierra-Lenz, Norma Bernal, Ken Curran, Emilio Arroyo, Jerry Swinarski, and Dr. Mike Stryker! 

(01/3/14) Welcome to new Core Members Angela Gonzalez, Ana Cordova, Rosie Scott.

(01/29/13) ACTS Core is pleased announce the newest members of Core.  Mary Ann Olivier, Anita Gutierrez, Kevin Cotton, Louis Gomez, Mike Petter, and Kevin Kennedy are the members who joined Core in 2013.  ACTS Core members serve for three years and work to support Holy Spirit retreats.

Men's ACTS I Scholarship "John 330 Fund" Established 
(11/13/12) ACTS Core is pleased to announce that a member of our own Holy Spirit ACTS community is establishing a new scholarship-matching fund for Men's English and Spanish retreatants. 
The anonymous benefactor of this amazing gift attended the Men's Retreat in October and was inspired by what he experienced that weekend. Here is an excerpt from his letter to ACTS Core: 
"I was witness to the power of the Holy Spirit. The things I saw and felt at the retreat were amazing. I feel we are all better men and will always be by having attended the ACTS retreat... Many times some men that attend the retreat cannot afford to pay the registration fee... I challenge all of you to help me in this endeavor. I will match any contribution made to this fund dollar-per-dollar up to $10,000." 
In the coming weeks, ACTS Core will announce further details about this new matching fund, including ways you can participate in supporting this tremendous blessing. Visit the John 330 Fund page on this website for more information.

ACTS Survey Says: "Give me more!" 
(09/10/12) The recently completed survey of the ACTS community at Holy Spirit affirms that our retreats truly change lives by bringing people closer to Christ. To quote one respondent, "I love ACTS.  Give me more!"

More than 200 members of our community responded to the survey.  Together they game Holy Spirit high marks for retreat activities that are managed by our directors and teams like daily mass, stations of the cross, agape, and candlelight. Clearly, our community is delivering great retreat experiences. 

The survey also points to ways we can improve on what our community has built. Some respondents were critical of retreat fees charged by retreat centers and the accommodations (meals and rooms) they provide.  ACTS Core will continue to work with our partners at retreat centers to encourage improvements.

Survey participants also want to increase post-retreat activities for the community, move First Saturday to a more convenient time, publicize and expand ACTS II retreats, and encourage directors to pick more diverse teams, especially for those who are new to the community.  All of these suggestions are being carefully considered by ACTS Core.

The highest-rated post-retreat experience is teaming, but we know the opportunities to team are limited.  ACTS Core is doing further research on the teaming experience to determine which aspects of teaming are most impactful.  We hope to create more opportunities for the entire community to share in team-oriented experiences for those who can't get on teams. 

In addition to this effort, Core is engaged in a number of other improvements aimed at enriching the post-retreat experience.  We want to encourage the community to expand its energy and fire of the Holy Spirit beyond the ACTS experience outward to the entire parish.

You can find a summary of the retreat report here.  As always, we invite your feedback.  


ACTS 25th Anniversary 
(08/01/12) Celebrate 25 Years of ACTS Retreats!  450,000 Attendees -- 22 U.S. States and Five Countries around the world!  

ACTS Mission invites everyone to pray the daily Novena to “the Little Flower” beginning September 23rd and ending on her Feast Day, October 1st, 2012. During these nine days, we will pray for the intersession of St. Thérèse to help ACTS grow as a major force in the “New Evangelization” started by Pope John Paul II (who visited San Antonio in 1987). We will give thanks and praise for the blessings of the last 25 years, and pray for the continued growth and spread of ACTS across the globe over the next 25 years.

Our own Holy Spirit parish will play an important role in this celebration by hosting the second night of Novena prayer on September 24th.  Please join us in thanking God for the grace and blessing ACTS has brought to our lives.

ACTS of Service Day 

(03/30/12) On the morning of March 24, dozens of Holy Spirit ACTS members and other parish volunteers put the 'S' in Service when they came together to clean up the grounds of our beloved church.  Many children from Holy Spirit school also joined in to help clean flower beds, rake leaves, spread mulch, and power wash the sidewalks.  After their work was done, volunteers were treated to hot dogs and sodas in the cafeteria.  This is the second 'spring cleaning' event ACTS has sponsored - a tradition we expect to continue far into the future.

Thanks to all who participated.  

Director Selection Process Clarified:
(02/14/12) In an effort to increase the diversity of leadership in our ACTS community, ACTS Core Team recently voted to amend and clarify rules for selecting directors and replacement Core members.  Sitting Core members and their immediate family-members will no longer be eligible for selection as director of a retreat.  Also, immediate family-members of retiring Core members will not be eligible for Core selection until one year after the retirement.

New ACTS Core Members for 2012:

(01/29/12) ACTS Core welcomes  three new members to the committee: Katie Prentice, Andy Gillen, and Jerry Medina.  These new Core Team members will be replacing Suzie Gillen, Keith Plum, and Les Tscheope, who have served the committee and the ACTS Community at Holy Spirit for the past three years with great dedication and distinction.

Congratulations to our new members, and thank you Suzi, Keith, and Les. God Bless You.

ACTS Missions to Help Spread ACTS II:

(01/29/12) ACTS II is a follow-on retreat experience for those who have attended ACTS I and are looking to deepen their personal prayer life and gain a deeper understand of their relationship with God.  ACTS II was started by the Holy Spirit ACTS Community several years ago, but demand for the program has spread to other parishes.  

Thankfully, ACTS Missions has recently agreed to help facilitate taking ACTS II to other parishes.  Representatives from Holy Spirit ACTS, including members of Core Team and former ACTS II directors, have been working with ACTS Missions to standardize ACTS II program materials and schedule new retreats with other parishes.  ACTS MIssions and the Archdiocese are very excited about ACTS II, and Holy Spirit should be proud to have given birth to a program that has brought so many people closer to God.

Congratulations Retreat Directors:

ACTS Core Team is pleased to announce the following men and women have prayerfully accepted the Holy Spirit's call to become directors on upcoming retreats.  Please remember them in your prayers:

  • John Ellis, Estela Reyes, Erika Villarreal