Holy Spirit ACTS

 The John 3:30 Fund:

ACTS Core is pleased to announce that a member of our own Holy Spirit ACTS community has established a new scholarship-matching fund for Men's English and Spanish retreatants. 
The anonymous benefactor of this amazing gift attended the Men's Retreat in October 2012 and was inspired by what he experienced that weekend. Here is an excerpt from his donation letter to ACTS Core: 
"I was witness to the power of the Holy Spirit. The things I saw and felt at the retreat were amazing. I feel we are all better men and will always be by having attended the ACTS retreat... Many times some men that attend the retreat cannot afford to pay the registration fee... I challenge all of you to help me in this endeavor. I will match any contribution made to this fund dollar-per-dollar up to $10,000." 

 The theme for the October 2012 retreat that inspired this gift was from John 3:30: "He must increase, but I must decrease."  

Details of the John 3:30 Fund 

  • Donations will be matched by the benefactor up to $10,000 in total funds.
  • The proceeds of the fund will be used to support scholarships for retreatants for Holy Spirit Men's ACTS retreats, based on need.
  • The number of scholarships and amounts given each year will be based on earnings or losses incurred by the fund in the previous tax year.
  • The first year for scholarship awards started since  2014.

 Making Donations 

  • The Fund will accept donations by check only if hand-delivered to a member of Holy Spirit ACTS Core.  The Core member will provide a receipt.
  • Online donations via credit card, will be available soon.  

 Applying for a Scholarship 

  • The Fund accepts applications for scholarships.  Details will be provided at this website.
  • Each applicant will be subject to a needs assessment.
  • Each needs assessment will be evaluated by ACTS Core in cooperation with the retreat director and the pastor of Holy Spirit parish.