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 Frequently Asked Questions 

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When is the next Holy Spirit ACTS retreat and how do I register? 

A list of upcoming retreats, directors, and their e-mail address details can be found here.   The directors can provide registration forms, or you can also find them in the Holy Spirit parish church foyer and at the church office.  

The fee for an ACTS retreat is $180, but limited scholarships are available for ACTS retreatants in special circumstances. Ask the director of your retreat for details.

What is ACTS?

ACTS is a Catholic renewal movement and a retreat experience that is administered by parishioners for parishioners, offering weekends for spiritual growth. Talks and activities during the retreat sessions focus on Adoration, Community, Theology and Service, hence the acronym A.C.T.S. A parish ACTS retreat strives to achieve the directives of Vatican II and goals of the Revised Code of Canon Law of 1983 which emphasize "community and pastoral care" within a parish.  

The weekend allows the retreatants to experience God's love and joy.  You will return to your faith community with an increased desire to become more involved in your relationship with God, your relationship with your family, and your relationship with your community.  

What happens on an ACTS retreat?

The weekend consists of talks, group discussions, fellowship, music, prayer, and quiet reflection around the themes of Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. Lay members of Holy Spirit parish put on the retreat and a spiritual director is available throughout the weekend.  All events of the weekend aim at helping the retreatant to explore their relationship with God.  But like a great movie, the retreat experience is difficult to describe in detail without spoiling the best parts.  Each retreatant has a unique experience, but by the end of the weekend, most will tell you that the retreat changed their lives for the better.

What is the origin of ACTS?

ACTS retreats originated from the Cursillo movement, which began in Spain in the 1930's.  It was designed to be "short course" (cursillo) on the catholic faith.  The movement eventually found its way to Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Selma, TX in the mid-1980's.  Three parishioners at OLPH, inspired by Cursillo and the Holy Spirit, formulated a new retreat experience centered around the themes of Adoration, Community Theology, and Service.  The program was supported by Archbishop Patrick Flores, who urged the founders to open the experience to people of all faiths.  During the 1990's, ACTS retreats spread to more than a dozen local parishes, including Holy Spirit parish in 1999.  

Today, ACTS is in all 15 Texas Dioceses, in 24 States and in 6 countries including the U.S. It is estimated that on any given weekend, there are at least 25 ACTS retreats occurring around the world, touching over 1,500 people a weekend, with over 300,000 individuals having already experienced ACTS.  The movement stretches from Connecticut to Juneau, Alaska; as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico, Honduras and Durban South Africa, and across the Atlantic to Lakenheath, England. To learn more about the ACTS global movement, visit ACTS Missions

Holy Spirit has become one of the most prolific facilitators of ACTS retreats for men, women, Spanish-speakers, and teens.  Holy Spirit parish also pioneered ACTS II, a follow-up retreat to ACTS I focused on deepening one's prayer life and understanding of the catholic faith.   

What is the Chapter Two Retreat?

The Chapter Two Retreat is a follow-on retreat experience for those who have attended an ACTS Retreat and are looking to deepen their personal prayer life and gain a deeper understand of their relationship with God.  Chapter Two was started by the Holy Spirit ACTS Community several years ago, but demand for the program has spread to other parishes.  For information about our next Chapter Two retreat, please see our Upcoming Retreats page or Contact Us.

Can I get a CD of ACTS music?

Yes.  We have recordings of some of the ACTS music written especially for our community by Holy Spirit parishioners.  CDs are available for a $10 donation to Holy Spirit ACTS, which goes to support ACTS retreats throughout the year.  Use the Contact Us link on this website to request a copy to be mailed to you, don't forget your mailing address.

What is ACTS Core? 

ACTS Core is a committee of 12 Holy Spirit parishioners who, under the guidance of the pastor, facilitate ACTS retreats at Holy Spirit and govern the activities of the ACTS Community.  Core performs a number of duties in support of it's mission, including: 

  • Selecting and advising retreat directors 
  • Managing ACTS funds and equipment 
  • Maintaining an archive of ACTS retreat scripts and programs 
  • Setting policies and guidelines for conducting retreats 
  • Scheduling retreat centers 
  • Organizing support activities like Send Off and Candlelight 
  • Providing and promoting faith-enriching events and community service 

 What is ACTS Missions? 

ACTS Missions is an independent, non-profit corporation with a board of directors comprised of religious and laymen and women. Its mission statement reads:  "ACTS MISSIONS is organized to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Catholic communities by promoting, consulting in, facilitating and coordinating ACTS retreats."  ACTS Missions works with archdiocese and parishes, like Holy Spirit, to facilitate retreats and spread the ACTS movement to new parishes all over the world.  Their headquarters is located in the Oblate Retreat Center in San Antonio.

Learn more about ACTS Missions.

Is there an ACTS Store? 

ACTS Missions manages a store with books, music, clothing, jewelry, and ACTS director materials at their headquarters in the Oblate Retreat Center in San Antonio.  You can also shop for some of these items at their online store.