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If you are interested in going on an ACTS retreat or being part of an ACTS team at Holy Spirit, complete the form below or contact the director of the retreat you are interested in listed on the Upcoming Retreats page.  You will be contacted soon.  You may also leave a comment or feedback.

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Church Of The Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit ACTS
P. O. Box 460729
San Antonio, Texas 78246-0729

 ACTS Core Team

This website is managed by Holy Spirit ACTS Core Team. ACTS Core is a committee of 13 Holy Spirit parishioners who, under the guidance of the pastor, facilitate ACTS retreats at Holy Spirit and govern the activities of the ACTS Community.  Core performs a number of duties in support of it's mission, including: 

  • Selecting and advising retreat directors 
  • Managing ACTS funds and equipment 
  • Maintaining an archive of ACTS retreat scripts and programs 
  • Setting policies and guidelines for conducting retreats 
  • Scheduling retreat centers 
  • Organizing support activities like Send Off and Candlelight 
  • Providing and promoting faith-enriching events and community service 

Current Core members are:  Suzi Guillen (Facilitator), Lori Curran (Treasurer), Rosie Sierra-Lenz (Secretary), Norma Bernal, George McNair, Emilio Arroyo, Jerry Swinarski, Ramon Villarreal (Co-Facilitator), Cassandra Solis, Paul Arnold, Omar Ordonez, John Ellis and Margaret Juarez.