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ACTS is a Catholic renewal movement and a retreat experience offering weekends of spiritual growth, administered by parishioners under the guidance of the pastor. Talks and activities during the retreat sessions focus on Adoration, Community, Theology and Service, hence the acronym 'ACTS'.

This website offers basic information about Holy Spirit ACTS I retreats and provides a forum for feedback within our parish ACTS community.

"Today in the Grotto, Take Courage - that's the motto
HE Conquered Brother follow. The Holy Spirit fills you, it never leaves you hollow
HE take away your Sorrows
The ACTS Retreat helps you and your Brothers stand on your feet, you never know who you meet 
From a Lawyer, Doctor, or someone from the streets
But we all struggle
So make a confession
Have Peace and stay Humble
Always pray for your Fam
Adoration, spend time with the MAN
Do you hear me?!
I don't think you understand!
Real Men stand up!
Take Courage, HE Conquered  the world
If you with me than you know Faith without Work is void.
So put on your Armor, stay sharp with your sword - Evangelize
Show your support
Learn your Faith
Love your Faith
Show your Faith
Don't hesitate
Put it in your mind, let it resonate
Straight to your Heart, let it penetrate
All you got to do is let HIM Navigate with HIS Power
The Seven Deadly Sins will Disintegrate
Let go and Let God."
- Words inspired by Jason Othon after attending the July 2016 Men's Holy Spirit ACTS Retreat 

 ACTS Retreat Calendar 

Holy Spirit hosts up to up to 9 ACTS retreats per year, including ACTS I and Chapter Two (formerly known as ACTS II, this is our Follow Up Retreat to ACTS) for men and women in English and Spanish, as well as Teen ACTS (co-ed). More...


Prayer Wall

Prayer is service we perform for others.  Please consider the following ACTS Brothers and Sisters in your prayers today.  More...

"They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of bread and to prayers... All who believed were together and had all things in common... And, every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.”  (ACTS 2:42-47) 

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